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General FAQs

What credit scores are considered fair credit history?

According to the FICO credit score rating, fair credit falls into the range between 640 and 699. You can check your current credit scores and credit reports with all credit bureaus online.

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How can I get a credit card if my credit isn’t good? When I try to apply for one they ask me got my card number but I have never had a card before. This is first time I’m applying for a credit card and I’m trying to build my credit up.

Check your credit report with all three credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Make sure that all information is accurate in your credit reports. When you apply for a credit card, everything you need to provide is your name, SSN, address, phone number, and income. In addition you may be asked to provide some […]

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What do I refer to when finishing a payment that has been sent to collections and is done with payment? Will my credit score rating go up?

If you paid off your debt you should ask the collection agency to submit a letter to your credit card issuer that the debt is paid in full and all obligations have been met. Also, contact the reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – and ask them to remove it from your records. As […]

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What is the cash advance limit for a fair credit card?

That’s the good question.Cash advance limit depends on the credit card issuer and type of credit card you have, if you want to know for sure what amount you can take, read the terms and conditions or an agreement to your credit card. But I should warn you that credit cards are not the best […]

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I had a card a few years ago I stopped making payments and it was taking over by the laws. I wanted to find out if there was a way I can start to pay back and not go through the laws.

There’s always a way out. In your case one of the possible ways was to solve this issue with your credit issuer directly. Sometimes talking to the issuers and explaining them your financial situation may be the best possible decision. Many credit issuers may lower interest rates for a period of time and/or waive current […]

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I have receive a bill statement for $ 2,695.40 I would like to know what for. Please you can email me at my email address. Thank you.

It sounds like you confuse us with a bank or something like that. However, is not a bank and does not issue credit cards. Therefore, we cannot answer questions about specific transactions, bills or address issues with your account. For that, please call your credit card issuer the telephone number of which you can […]

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I filed bankruptcy in 9/15/2000 (Providian was included) but you have not removed the judgment as of yet. My atty advised I should contact you as the time has now elapsed and this should be removed from my credit report. Case# Cowe00008451 in Broward County. Providian v. Patricia Urbano – Please have this removed from all three credit reporting agencies and copy me via email. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Unfortunately we are not a bank, credit lender, nor are we a credit bureau. Also we do not send any reports to any credit reporting agencies. We just offer credit cards from other credit card issuers and when you click apply button you are automatically redirected to the credit card issuer’s website. So the thing […]

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I recently received a notice from jenka group about a Providian credit card from the past that I’m now researching history about. The balance states 717.31 with interest of 140.84. The last payment was 7-30-03 and supposedely they got this acct from another collections agency. I haven’t used ccs for some time now and am fairly sure this acct was taken care of years ago.

It is pretty common that old debts may appear long time after you had it. So, first of all try to contact with the credit card issuer to negotiate this issue with them. It is better if you solve this problem with them directly. Then, if you can’t contact with your credit issuer you can […]

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Why is my current bank account information needed? Does it tie into the account by taking the amount out that I want and then I use my account money to “pay back” what I have spent from the card?

No, it is not necessary like this. Usually bank account information is needed to see your creditworthiness. It also may have some positive impact on the amount of your future credit limit.However some credit card issuers do require a bank account. It can be a necessary condition to obtain a credit card and should be […]

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My husband pasted away and I just found a check from your company that needs to be cashed, can we cash it?

Are you sure that this check is from us and not from bank. Our company just offers credit card products that you may need. Through us you can apply for a credit card or know more about cards. We do not open any accounts and do not issue any credit cards, we just offer them. […]

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