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Horizon Card Services Horizon Gold Credit Card

Credit card issuers FAQs

What type of credit card is Horizon Gold? Master Card, Visa or what?

The Horizon Gold Card is a shopping credit card that can only be used at It is not Visa, MasterCard or any other recognizable credit card and it can’t be used at restaurants, in-stores, or for car rentals.

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Is horizon a legit credit card company?

Yes, it is legit. There is such thing as Horizon Card Services which issues a Horizon Gold Card. This card is created to purchase products from Please, note that Horizon Gold Card is NOT a Visa or MasterCard and does not hold a cash value. But still your credit performance is reported to Trans […]

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I try to apply Credit One card but it’s not got applications for U.K.

Unfortunately Credit One doesn’t offer its products to non U.S. residents. Though, there are other credit card issuers who do such offers. You can take a closer look at it here, in UK Credit Cards Offers section. Probably among these cards you will find an interesting alternative to Credit One.

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I would like to know…my credit was closed 10/05. But then it was taken to court in March of 2009? My credit report said it was a write off, closed? I want a Letter acknowledging the closure!

It is a specific request only your credit card issuer can deal with and we are not your credit card issuer. To resolve the problem, please contact your credit card company directly. From now on please do not forget about acknowledgement letters when you close your credit cards so that you can avoid such bad […]

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Do you know if you can have payday loans or cash advances applied to a pre-paid Visa or MasterСard? If so, do you know what companies that handle advances does this and what information about my card I would need. Thanks!

The answer is yes – you can use your cash advance or payday loan to load up your pre-paid Visa or Mastercard. The fastest way to do that is to convert your loan to cash and use the cash to load up the card. However, if your loan can only come in a form of […]

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Hey, was my application approved?

Just to let you know, we are not a credit card issuing company. To check the status of your application, please contact your credit card issuer directly. Find out if you can do it online on your issuer’s official website.

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I had been told that I had received a visa card from you in March of 1999 and been paying on it till Feb of 2001. I need to know where this card was sent to for I think it’s been fraudulent Thank you

We are not a credit card issuing institution. To settle this issue, please contact the card issuer directly. But if you want to apply online for a credit card, we are always here for you.

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I have applied for the Centennial card for which they want to take out 95.00 from my checking out before i know what kind of credit limit they are granting. Please help!

It is your credit card issuer and no one else who defines your credit limit. It makes sense to contact your card issuer directly.

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I Need a Phone Number to Call you people. Thank you

If you have any general questions regarding credit cards, please submit them through our FAQs form. Just to clarify, we are not a credit card issuing company. We are here to offer you the best card products from the most recognized U.S. banks and credit card companies we are partnering with to apply online for […]

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according to capital one credit reporting my score is 685 would this be accurate

If you doubt and want to make sure this score is accurate, please contact the three major credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) and ask them for your credit report with a credit score.

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