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Bad credit cards FAQs

I have terrible credit and want to declare bankruptcy and then get a secured credit card. What do you think?

Apply for a secured credit card before you declare the bankruptcy. It is important to apply before you declare the bankruptcy because issuers may not open you a credit line while you have undischarged bankruptcy. Also, think again before you declare the bankruptcy. Talk to your creditors about your financial situation. Most of the creditors […]

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I’m trying to find an unsecured credit card. I do not care of the interest rate but I need a $250 credit limit. I want to rebuild my credit history after a divorce. 

If you prefer an unsecured credit card you can consider credit cards for people with bad credit history. But with a bankruptcy in the past or a default on a loan, it would be better consider a secured credit card. Thus you have more chances to get approved and your credit limit will depend on […]

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I’ve just got a promotion at work, they require me to have a credit card with the minimum of $5000 credit limit, here’s my problem I have a poor credit score 584 range. What can I do?

These credit cards for people with bad credit history are good to apply with such credit score as yours, but you most likely will not be approved for desirable credit limit. The average credit line you can be approved for is about $500. But the credit limit is determined by credit issuer and depends on […]

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I’m trying to get a credit card to build my credit, what can I do to be able to build my credit if my credit score is in the 400 range?

There are two options for you: you may apply for general, unsecured credit card or for a secured credit card. Secured credit card require a security deposit (you should pay somewhere from $200) while unsecured cards don’t require it. And this is the only considerable difference, in all other ways secured credit cards act like […]

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I have bad credit but want to get a credit card, what kind of credit card can I get?

On our site you can find credit cards suitable for your situation. As you have bad credit it is worth to check Bad Credit Cards Offers section. Here you can find interesting offers on advantageous conditions. Also you can choose one of the secured credit cards or prepaid debit cards. This kind of card will […]

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I currently have a HSBC card in good standing but I’m dealing with a law firm getting bad and long over due items of my credit reports and to get my availability up so I can get a great fico score. Is there another card I can get to do this? My score on TransUnion as of today is 606. Does anyone have advice or can help?

Your credit scores from the three major credit reporting agencies may differ slightly from each other. And it’s very important to know which scores and credit reports your credit card issuer will use when deciding on your application so that you can choose from credit cards you stand a decent chance to qualify for. According […]

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What is a fair credit score and what is a bad credit score?

A fair credit score lies between 620 and 659 and a bad credit score lies between 350 and 619. At you can find great credit card options for fair credit and bad credit to choose from and apply online for.

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Is there a high limit credit card out there for people that have bad or damaged credit?

It depends on what amount of credit is high, read, enough for you. You can browse though the bad credit credit cards or fair credit credit cards depending on your situation and choose among them. Before applying online for a credit card, make sure you may be eligible for it and you understand all its […]

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If you have bad credit due to hardship, how can you get qualified for a credit card? Also, are they really referring to a pre-paid debit card and not a real spending limit credit card?

There are credit card issuers that do offer unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit histories. But please note that it is always up to your bank or credit card company to decide whether to approve you or not. Anyway, if you are looking for a regular credit card with your credit not so […]

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I have bad credit, how can I get approve with low Apr.& low interest. Thanks!

For those with bad credit we have bad credit credit cards from the prominent U.S. credit card issuers. Compare the cards for bad credit you may be eligible for and look into their features. Find out if there are any bad credit cards to meet your needs best. If you make your card choice, apply […]

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